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Summer car sunshade product selection
Source: | Author:Aimee | Published time: 2022-07-15 | 29 Views | Share:

Our car was parked outside in the summer heat. After being exposed to the sun at this time, the temperature inside and outside the car will be quite high. We can take the following measures:

1. When the vehicle is in your field of vision, you can lower the window slightly when locking the car so that the hot air inside can circulate;

2. If conditions permit, try to park the vehicle in a cool place outside to avoid exposure to the sun; park the car in the open and under the shade of trees respectively. The results show that after 10 minutes, the temperature in the car parked under the shade of trees will be lower by 3 to 4 ℃.

3. If conditions permit, you can occasionally pour a little water on the outside of the car to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

There are all kinds of car sunscreen products on the market, such as sunshades, car clothes and so on.

First of all, if the car is not driven for a long time, it is recommended to cover it with a car coat. It's like we wear sunscreen clothes. We should protect our whole body, but we should note that not all car clothes can be sunscreen, depending on the material. Only the car clothes with double coating flame retardant materials, nano flame retardant materials and Larkin flame retardant materials can be sun proof, dust-proof, rain proof and scratch proof.

The car solar film can isolate more than 80% of the sunlight and heat, effectively reduce the temperature in the car, and prevent glare, which is conducive to safe driving.A platform has also done experiments: after 1 hour of exposure, the temperature in the car without film increased from the initial 27.1 ℃ to 48.3 ℃, and increased by 21.2 ℃.However, the interior temperature of the film car increased from the initial 24.2 ℃ to 38.6 ℃, with an increase of only 14.4 ℃.