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Qurstions About Car cover production process
Source: | Author:Terry | Published time: 2022-05-31 | 38 Views | Share:

Qestion NO.1 :

Why is the sum of material cost and labor cost of different sizes of car clothes the same price? Shouldn't there be a slight difference?


Answer NO.1:

Because we made a little adjustment. If the size is slightly larger, we will reduce the labor cost for you; If the size is a little smaller, we will increase the price a little.

We need a price range to control risk. Possible risks, such as additional material waste, product obsolescence, changes in raw materials and labor costs during the production cycle, etc.

Qestion NO.2 :

If the cutting and splicing process of different designs of car clothes is more complex, how much will the labor cost be?


Answer NO.2:

Although we can't give an absolutely accurate calculation, we can quote according to the car models now :

Small car, SUV:  $1.2 ~ 1.8

Large SUV, small and medium RV:  $1.5 ~ 2

Large truck, bus:  $3.5 ~ 5

*Note: the latter two unconventional sizes of car clothes are customized. Because the size of materials will also be different, the above price is only for reference, and the specific quotation shall be subject to the actual quotation; The customized size of special models usually requires a minimum order quantity of 1000 ~ 2000pcs.

*If a unique splicing design is required, about US $0.3 labor fee and actual material loss fee will be charged for each additional splicing material (if the design is too complex, such as more than 5 additional splices, the price needs to be checked)