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Team traveling ~ United Globaltech team !
Source: | Author:Terry | Publish time: 2021-08-23 | 118 Views | Share:

We just had a meaningful team-building weekend !


Earlier in July, CEO of Globaltech , Eric just advise that we should go out together next weekend.


“Let’s go to some place have joy and peace,and we should stay together to see the blue sky instead of office computer” He said.

 And I said:“How about the beach?”

Most of us agree on the spot !


In my idea, since we have more and more colleagues joining our company this year, the import and export department has more than 30 employees now.

We may really need a “picnic” to promote the relationship and feelings among our colleagues.


The purpose of our company is “to create and share together”

Every menber from our company know that and we are so glad to do it.

Share problems ,share happniess. We also hope to share a trip together.

The next day the weather was not very good. The locals told us that it would rain soon.

We are palnning to go back to town .


I really appreciated Eric, who planed this trip and put all of us together, make us more united than ever.


He always teach us “to share more”.

I think that's what makes him happy.  He's like a happy John Lennon :)


I hope someday you will also join us, and share our happiness.

We are Globacltech team, and we are waiting for your visit :)