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Braided Hoses
Source: | Author:Carol | Publish time: 2021-06-11 | 70 Views | Share:
Stainless steel braided racing hoses are also called oil-cooling hoses. Our braided hoses are widely applied to Auto Performance, and the main function is to cool off crankcase, clutch and air valve of elements of engine.

Characteristics of our braided hoses:
1. The inner hoses are noted for oil resistance, high temperature resistance, gasoline resistance and corrosion resistance.
2. The material of inner hoses are NBR or CPE.
3. The middle reinforcement layer is 304 stainless steel which increases working pressure for inner hoses. The outer layer is also 304 stainless steel, noted for high temperature resistance, wear resistance.

The inner layer: oil resistance, permeation resistance and air-tightness synthetic rubber.
The outer layer: high intension nylon fiber braided or 304 stainless steel braided.
Characteristics: high rubber content, no ageing at least 2 years. They won’t be hard in Winter. The adhesive force of thread and rubber is excellent, and they won’t be loose after cutting. All these characteristics are easy for installation