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The difference between knitting fabric and woven fabric
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Textile fabrics used as reinforcement in hose construction provide the strength to achieve the desired resistance to internal pressure or to provide resistance to collapse, or both.


our hose fabric is plain woven from warp yarns, which run lengthwise, and filling yarns, which run cross-wise. the warp and filling yarns cross each other alternately at 45 degrees angle, to ensure it have the best reinforcement property suitable for silicone hose, which not only provide good adhesion between silicone rubber sheets, but also control be flexibility (elasticity) to provide better resistance to internal pressure and collapse due to lower expansion of hoses.

Lower expansion = Better resistance to internal pressure and collapse expansion of hoses.


The common silicone hose reinforced with knitting fabric. knitted piece of fabric can stretch

in all directions. because it is much easier to shape hose at lower production cost . Although the knitted hose is easily shapeable for coolant hose applications, it is a very inefficient reinforcing method restricted to low pressure applications, because its high elasticity leads to high expansion of hose, which lead to a poorer resistance to internal pressure and collapse.

Higher expansion = poorer resistance to internal pressure and collapse