Engine Compartment Brush Long Flexible Strong Detergent with Comfortable Handle

Products Description
The automobile engine cleaning brush is lengthened, the wheel hub brush can be bent, and the long handle brush

Size:74*5cm Weight:Soft brush material: 161g(±5g) cotton brush material: 155g(±5g) hard brush material: 147g(±5g)

Soft bristle brush material: PP Bristle brush material: PP Cotton brush material: polyester fiber Handle: PP

You can change the shape by hand,flexible cleaning of all parts of the car.Especially inside the engine and inside the wheel hub can easily remove stubborn stains.

Good cleaning effect
Professional for automobile engine cleaning, three different material combination sets, Soft wool: for light oil pollution, cracks and other times that are not particularly dirty, it will not hurt the car surface compared with hard wool. Hard wool style: it has great decontamination ability when it is especially dirty Cotton thread: it is generally used for cleaning and drying the surface of new cars Soft wool and cotton brushes also clean tires

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