Special for car interior double layer 80/20 car detailing towel microfiber embossed wash towel

Products Description
Special for car interior double layer viscose composite 80/20 automotive polishing microfiber towel car wash towel
Material: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
Size: 40*40cm
Color: Gray/Customization
Product Feature 1
Microfiber 80/20 polyester polyamide material, double thickened coral fleecy, soft and delicate, strong
toughness,durability,strong water absorption, no shedding, no pilling, easy to clean, special eight-petal structure, super absorbent dust,no damage to the surface, effective cleaning stains.
Product Feature 2
High elastic wire lock edge, more compact, not easy to fall off
Product Feature 3
Made of 2 pieces of 200GSM microfiber fabric with double-sided viscose, more delicate and better quality
Product Feature  4
Hanging ring design, convenient to hang and store when not in use, hang to dry after use
Product Feature  5
Laser printing will hurt the car paint, our emboss logo, do not hurt the car paint and car leather
Product Feature  6
Water Absorption: 4 times of its own weight
Product Feature  7
Many color for your choose and any color you want can be customized.
Product Feature  8
400gsm fabric, 40*40cm, weight: 67g, the towel weighs enough and does not cut corners
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