New car cleaning brush auto 360 degree water flow rotating car wash brush

Products Description
Product Name
New car cleaning brush auto 360 degree water flow rotating car wash brush with soap dispenser long handle
Product Code
PP plastic handle, Bristle, Nylon wire, PP silk
Selling Unit
5 Pcs / Set
2 Pcs
Both available
OPP Bag + Carton
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Sample Delivery
5-10 days
Production Date
25-30 working days

Automatic water, no electricity

The water flows into the water pipe, and the pressure of the water pipe pushes the gear to work automatically without electricity,

360° degree automatic rotation brush head

The blue brush head can rotate automatically, which fits the body better when using, and it is more convenient and time-saving
Accessories list
1. Brush head   2. Direct punching gun head  3. Movable connecting rod   4. Movable connecting rod
5. Water inlet and outlet switch   6. Water pipe quick interface    7. Water pipe quick interface  
8. Multi function faucet interface
installation diagram
The brush head is connected by rotation
Threaded interface
Thread interface, brush head can be replaced at any time, easy to remove and wash

Chenille bristles

It is soft and thick, with full suede, good drapability and strong water absorption

PP bristles

Slightly strong brush, cleaning stubborn stains, do not damage the car paint, do not damage the glass

Foam size regulator

The three block adjustment can adjust the size of the foam and switch to clear water at any time.

Transparent foam pot

New foam spray cans, automatic foam, foam is more labor-saving and more convenient.

Movable connecting rod

Human body dynamics design, two detachable, long or short according to the demand, no need to bend down or pad, saving time and effort

Water inlet and outlet switch

90 degree rotary switch, connect the water pipe, switch water freely.

Self contained water gun function

Take off the gun head, it is a direct water jet gun, pressure accumulation design, strong water pressure, range of 6-8 meters

express interface

It is easy and convenient to wash the car by directly connecting the faucet.
Real shot pictures