2018 Mustang customed inlet hose

Suitable for 2018 Mustang inlet hose, inner diameter is 127mm to 87mm


Suitable for 2018 Mustang inlet hose, inner diameter is 127mm to 87mm

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Silicone Hose Kits for bmw N54 turbo inlet tubes



Covers largest range of straight and formed silicone hoses to Automotive, Heavy Duty Trucks/Off Road, Marine, 
and other industrial specialty for following:


Coolant hose Radiator Hose Heater Hose
Charge Air Cooler/Intercooler Hose Turbo/Turbocharger Hose EGR hose
Air Inlet Duct Exhaust Hose Custom special needs







Silicone Hose for 2018 Mustang inlet tubes









Length wall ply


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Working Temperature

-40℃ to 180℃

Working Pressure 

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2 Years
Packaging Details

1.INNER PACKING: 1piece/neutral polybag

2.OUTER PACKING: Dozens /neutral cardboard box.

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  High quality silicone hose radiator/turbo/intercooler kits,racing car tuning parts


                                 Silicone Hose Kits for bmw N54 turbo inlet tubes


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Silicone Hose Kits for bmw N54 turbo inlet tubes




Large range of performance silicone hoses available for one stop order


Standard: SAE J20/ TS16949           
Color:  Dark Blue/ Light Blue/ Black/ Red/ Red iron Oxide(custom)

Fabric reinforcement: Woven

Material: VMQ(Silicone)/ FVMQ(Fluorosilicone) + Polyester/ Aramid(Nomex)+ Fiberglass   

Working temperature: -60 ℃ to +260℃ by material                                     
Working pressure:    0.2 to 1Mpa by size


Universal Silicone Hose(Click picture for corresponding catalog) 











































Product Advantage

Silicone rubber components have a useful life that is far superior under conditions that would cause the 
deterioration of many parts made of typical organic materials, it's typical properties are as below:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Electrochemical degradation resistance
  • UV and ozone resistance
  • Ordinary silicone is not oil resistance, but fluorosilicone with its unique properties, provides 
  • resistance to many fuels, oils and solvents, including gasoline
  • Silicone rubber is noted for its water resistance. It has an extremely low degree of water 
  • absorption and its mechanical properties show minimal change, even after long periods of immersion

Our silicone hoses:


High Qulity Material of silicone, flurosilicone, Viton, Polyestor, Aramid(Nomex),Fibreglass

Silicone Hose Kits for bmw N54 turbo inlet tubes

Woven fabric reinforced for better wroking pressure and low expansion.

Crafted by workers with more than 10 years hos wrapping experience.

Supplied to the best performance and commercial hose distribution names across world.

Silicone Hose Kits for bmw N54 turbo inlet tubes

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Silicone Hose Kits for bmw N54 turbo inlet tubes 

Packaging & Shipping
  1. INNER PACKING: 1piece/neutral polybag:
  2. OUTER PACKING: Dozens /neutral cardboard box.
  4. OUTER CARTON SIZES AVAILABLE: 55x47x45, 55X47X30, 47X36X30, 38X38X38, 102X36X30(CM)
  5. STANDARD SHIPPING MARKS: Front Marks and Side Marks on each outer carton or pallet, 
  6. content includes Part Code, Part Name, QTY, Net Weight, Gross Weight, Carton Size, and Carton Number.
  7. We are also ready to serve needs of customized packing if required, such as color polybag, 
  8. color boxes, label stickers, and pallet packing(Non fumigation pallets, or timber pallet with treatment certificate), 
  9. Outer carton and pallets can be film wrapped for purpose of water proof in case unexpected shipping condition encountered

Silicone Hose Kits for bmw N54 turbo inlet tubes


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