high temperature flexible blue/black/red color silicone heater hose

Single or double ply polyester reinforced silicone hose


Single or double ply polyester reinforced silicone hose

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Commonly used in the following applications: Air intake connections, supercharger connections, turbo and intercooler drain lines, radiator or heater core connections or virtually any application where high temperatures or extreme working conditions exist.

Used in aerospace applications, performance motors and vehicles, marine wet –exhaust, commercial truck and bus induction and cooling systems, agricultural and off highway vehicles, all turbo diesel applications.


Product Advantage

Silicone rubber components have a useful life that is far superior under conditions that would cause the
deterioration of many parts made of typical organic materials, it's typical properties are as below:

  • High temperature resistance

  • Electrochemical degradation resistance

  • UV and ozone resistance

  • Ordinary silicone is not oil resistance, but fluorosilicone with its unique properties, provides resistance to many fuels, oils and solvents, including gasoline

  • Silicone rubber is noted for its water resistance. It has an extremely low degree of water absorption and its mechanical properties show minimal change, even after long periods of immersion

Our silicone hoses:

  • High Qulity Material of silicone, flurosilicone, Viton, Polyestor, Aramid(Nomex)

  • Crafted by workers with more than 10 years hose wrapping experience.

  • Supplied to the best performance and commercial hose distribution names across world.


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  • LEAD TIME: 1 to 5 weeks depends on buyers’ purchase order quantity.

  • DELIVERY WAY: By sea, air or courier agreed with buyers

  • TIME OF TRUCK DELIVERY TO SEA OR AIR PORT: Ningbo: In 2 days; Shanghai: in 3 days


  • EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION: if customs routine check encountered, 1 to 7 days will be delayed

  • TIME OF SEA OR AIR FREIGHT: depends on destination port           




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  • Product drawings and pictures available for customer's catalog design.