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Elbow 45 degree silicone hose

Product Details                                                                                   

Elbow 45 degree silicone hose

Built by GT HOSE-woven fabric Strengthen /More stronger/Higher working pressure/longer working life

Some other supplier’ products-Most other brand products-sparse Knitting fabric/low working pressure/
short working life

Elbow 45 degree silicone hose

High quality material:100% silicone material,using the world’s top silicone material(WACKER) and
the China’s top silicone material(DJ).

Woven fabric reinforced for better working pressure , avoid affecting the operation of other components.

Product Advantage                                                                                      

Silicone hose have a useful life that is far good under conditions that would cause the not good of many
parts made of typical materials, it’s typical  are as below:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Anti-UV
  • General silicone  is not resistant to oil, but fluorosilicone with its good, Resistant to many fuels, oils and solvents.
  • Silicone rubber is noted for its water resistance. It absorbs very little water and No change in long exposure.

Elbow 45 degree silicone hose

Product Process                                                                                                

Our Advantages                                                                                              

  • Woven fabric for for better work stress.
  • Crafted by workers with more than 10 years hose wrapping experience.
  • Provides the world’s best performance and commercial hose distribution name.
  • Buy directly from Silicone Hose Manufacturer
  • “GT hose” only produce Top Quality Silicone Hoses
  • Any size hose can be made
  • Better Service & Good prices
  • Free Hose Samples are offered
  • Your Logo can be printed
  • The goods can be packaged according your requirement


-Can you customize hoses according to samples or drawing design?
-Yes.we have developed many complicated hoses for our cusotmers.

-Can you put our company’s logo on hose?
-Yes. yes.If you can provide the copyright and accept, we can put your logo.

-Can you customize our packing?
-Yes. please let us have your packing design or packing idea.

-Do you provide free samples for quality checkout?
yes, the sample hose of general size is free to the customer, but the freight must be borne by the buyer..

-Do your offer product ensure?
-Yes. 2 years from manufacturing date, furthermore negotiable for specific needs