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The application and function of silicone hose in auto
Source: | Author:Carol | Publish time: 2021-03-20 | 24 Views | Share:
Automotive silicone hoses are used to transport gas and liquid silicone rubber products.

Automotive silicone hoses are used to transport gas and liquid silicone rubber products. They are composed of inner and outer rubber layers and a skeleton layer. The material of the skeleton layer can be polyester cloth, aramid cloth, polyester cloth, etc. The inner and outer rubber layer materials of automobile silicone tube are made of ordinary silica gel, oil-resistant rubber tube, acid and alkali resistance, and high-temperature automobile tube adopts fluorine silica gel.

Silicone has excellent insulation, heat resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics. It can improve the performance of various parts of the car, can be used in almost every aspect of the automotive industry.

Silicone is used for automobile sealing gaskets and other seals. It can provide strong and durable sealing protection for all devices such as automobile headlamp to oil filter. It is durable and will not crack or break under the limit temperature and pressure.

For connectors, it can protect the electrical connections of automobile connectors, including electrical plugs and sockets, from moisture and corrosion.

Used in spark plug protection cover, It can avoid spark plug splash, damp and adhere to dust, which is essential for the good operation of the ignition system, but also has good electrical insulation characteristics and heat resistance.

Used for radiators, heat exchangers and pump gaskets to ensure that these components are not corroded during the transmission of antifreeze.

Can also be used for cylinder cover gasket, bonnet, valve cover, oil pump or oil pan, improve its oil resistance.

As an important part of the automobile, the silicone hose is distributed in the engine, chassis and body, and plays the role of transporting oil, gas, water and power, and the safety and performance of the automobile.