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New Product!!!
Source: | Author:Terry You | Publish time: 2021-03-06 | 49 Views | Share:
The customized silicone hose of BMW N54 arrived !
It have been developed and put into the market now !

N54 engine is the first generation of large-scale turbocharged in-line six cylinder engine introduced by BMW in 2006. It was first carried on the three series models of E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 of 335i.


The use of turbine is a way to distinguish n54 from almost all BMW in-line six cylinder engines before. Because of the use of only 8.8psi (0.6bar) small size turbine, the turbine delay of n54 is very small, and the power output is as smooth as natural suction, which is widely praised.


Our n54 modified silicone tube mold is provided by a German company and developed by our company. It is fully applicable to n54 engine and greatly improves the safety and efficiency of engine operation.

We are a Professional silicon hose supplier from China with 15 years experience!

Send your drawings and requirements, we will be able to tailor your unique silicone tube products.


Welcome customers from all over the world to customize the special type of silicone tube!