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Spring Loaded Hose Clamp
Source: | Author:Carol | Publish time: 2021-07-26 | 62 Views | Share:

Spring clamp is also called Japanese clamp and spring clamp. The spring steel is punched into a round shape at one time, and two ears for hand pressing are reserved in the outer ring. When clamping is needed, just press and hold the ears to make the inner ring larger, then it can be sleeved into the round pipe, and then loosen the handle to clamp. Easy to use. Can be reused.

The spring clamp has no clamping force under natural state. It needs to be sleeved into a circular tube one size larger than the inner ring to produce clamping force.

For example, for a circular pipe with an outer diameter of 11mm, a clamp of 10.5 in the natural state needs to be used for clamping. It depends on the soft and hard texture of the round tube.

Spring band clamps are classified by band thickness, including ordinary spring band clamps and reinforced spring band clamps. The material thickness is 1-1.5mm, which is an ordinary spring clamp. 1.5-2.0mm and above are reinforced spring clamps.