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 Globaltech Auto Parts Co., Ltd manufactures and distributes automotive hose pipes across the world since 2009. Our main product include turbo hose, intercooler hose, radiator hose, silicone heater hose, braided fuel hose, aluminum pipe, tail pipe and etc. Our products are wildly used in automobile, marine, aviation, water flight, and locomotive industries. 

Over 80 percent of our customers are from European and American markets, especially in automotive tuning and performance markets. We have been hose pipe suppliers for Dutch military and Ford GT MK2 since 2015 and 2017 respectively.


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Our brand name of Globaltech enjoys a good reputation in the industries, we works with around 500 customers across the world now. Globaltech Auto Parts is growing to be an outstanding player of auto parts in the world. Welcome to contacting and visiting us, We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

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We cover large range size of universal hose and pipe mould around 4500 pcs. No tooling fee charged for universal item. For custom requirement, as long as you offer us your 3D design, or even your idea, sample can be finished within 7 days. All of our products offer 2 years’ warranty, if there is quality complaint, our sales team will reply you within 2 hours and analysis the quality issue, offer you the best solution. Or if you are from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, UK, France, you can also contact our agency directly.

What are the different types of silicone  tube reinforcement layer used

Polyester cloth, aramid cloth, glass fiber cloth

in order to meet the requirements of higher positive and negative pressure

will also use steel wire winding for pressure supplement.

Manufacturer of aluminium pipe

We are a manufacturer of silicone hose and hose clamp for more than 15 years' experience, mature technique and high quality makes us highly approved from our customers.

For the aluminum pipe, the alloy material is 6063, hardness is T3-T8, wall thickness is 1.5mm- 2mm with 0.28mm tolerance.

For the color, except silver, blue, red, black these 4, other color can be customized too.

For the surface treatment, except the polished, oxidation and spray are another two normal way.

The pipe end can be produced with bead or flat. Our product line cover most universal bend pipe

What is the difference between woven reinforcement and knitting reinforcement?

The hole of knitting reinforcement is very large, we can easily pull it,and we can imagine, the working pressure is low. You can also look at our woven fabric reinforcement, the hole is really small and it's hard for us to pull it, the working pressure is high.One easy way to compare two of them, you can see from the incision, our woven fabric 's incision is very regular and tight.You can also push it, it's very hard, it's harder than the knitting reinforcement.

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    Advantages of T bolt clamps

    T-Bolt Band Clamps provide leak-proof connections in a wide variety of industrial,commercial, and military applications.